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Children’s Sermon

Ephesians 1:3-14

Spirit of Wisdom

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Ephesians 1:3-14

Spirit of Wisdom

There is a difference between being smart and being wise. It is important to understand the difference. Being smart, but not wise is like being able to name all the parts of a bicycle, but not knowing how to ride it. Let’s talk about this idea and then perhaps you would like to share your thoughts.

Some kids are smart, some kids are wise, and some kids are both smart and wise. Smart kids usually excel in school. They finish their work quickly, and sometimes it seems, without much effort. They may be fast readers and often are able to memorize their lessons. They may be clever and witty in the way they talk.

Wise kids may be able to do all these things we have talked about, but they also have special insight. We could say they are thoughtful. They think about what is the best way to accomplish something, how to be sensitive to the needs of others, and they have a good understanding of who they are. They know what really matters. Don’t we all want this?

The Bible teaches us that when we accept God’s love and “come to know him” we are given a “spirit of wisdom.”

It is good to be smart and learn all we can learn, but we also want to be wise about how we use our skills. As we study, pray, and ask God to help and direct us, we “come to know him.” We are given a “spirit of wisdom.” God’s love teaches us how to live peacefully and happily in the world.

Being wise means that you have the ability to make good choices. Be smart and wise!

Copyright 2012, Richard Niell Donovan