I have been enjoying my subscription, and my people tell me that my preaching has improved. Do you suppose there's a connection?

-Paul F.

I loved the sermon for last Sunday. The sentence that stood out was: "You will find that five plus two PLUS JESUS makes everything possible!" 

-Matthew I.

Believe me, the check is in the mail TODAY. Please sign me up ASAP.

-Sheryle P.

I subscribed to (an online sermon service) and read through a TON of their stuff.  Nothing gave me a jumping-off point to launch a good sermon.  Your sermons are simple, applicable -- not trying to impress but simply trying to inspire.  You have more sermon talent in your little finger than the entire body of (the other sermon service)!

-Jeff W.

You always give me a perspective I hadn't considered.

-Tim M.

Your work sets so many ideas going that sermon preparation is a joy.

-Ian D.

Your ministry helps me preach better sermons, which is helpful to my parish! 

-Lisa H.

Thanks to you I will deliver an inspiring message tomorrow.

-Jon G.

SermonWriter saves me time, and has made my preaching better. 

-Lisa G.

As I sat in a week-long conference, it was in the smug content that much of the work for my Sunday sermon was already at hand. 

-Irene D.

I keep telling my congregation, "I stole ALL this from Dick Donovan!"  They don't believe me.  They think I'm doing SUCH a wonderful job –– but, of course, I owe it all to you. Thank you!

-Bob D.

I never have enough time, so it is great to have the high quality research that you do

-Ramsey G.

Many, many thanks –– you don't know how much I enjoy the exegesis.  In seminary we were short-changed in biblical studies, and I have been playing catch up ever since. 

-Bill K.

I have four churches.  Having your marvelous work at my fingertips makes it possible.

-Brenda M.

Our parish has been blessed by your input, and my joy in preparing sermons has increased enormously.

-Tony F.

I deeply appreciate the immense amount of work you put into helping us preach God's Word!  The stories you provide are on target and poignant. You are truly a blessing to me in my ministry. Thank you.

-Paul D.

 I really appreciate your services. Your exegesis is very thorough and academic. I find many "gems" in it. Thank you so much for the service!  

-Sally M.

I appreciate your ministry to all of us preachers. Keep up the good, GREAT work –– ministry. 

-Richard V.