You have probably looked at the lessons for the week and wondered, "WHAT CAN I SAY that is faithful to these texts and relevant to my congregation?"  We can help!  We provide abundant materials to spark your imagination –– to get you started –– and to save you time.

We send a weekly email two weeks in advance with the following materials for the Gospel lesson:

  • Scripture
  • Exegesis (very thorough –– take a look –– see for yourself!)
  • Sermon title
  • The sermon in a sentence
  • Children's sermon
  • Sermon
  • A true story especially chosen to fit the text
  • A bit of humor (when we can find humor that fits)
  • Thought Provokers (quotations to add punch to your sermon)
  • Hymns

Old Testament, Acts, and Epistles: While our primary materials are based on the Gospel lesson each week, we often provide materials on the Old Testament and Acts.  Within a year or so, we hope to start providing the exegesis for many of the Epistles as well.

We follow the Revised Common Lectionary, but often make supplementary mailings to Catholics and those who follow other lectionaries.

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Dick Donovan